Rob D's Balloon Cubicle

(September 19th, 2006)

Our most illustrious Rob D was going to be leaving the company, and we just couldn't let him go without a big send-off. After kicking around a few ideas, we decided to fill his cubicle with balloons. After Brendan obtained 3 large bags of balloons from a party store, everyone pitched in to get them blown up in time. After inflating over 150 balloons, we were all pretty light headed. Here's how it all came together:


Rob blows up balloons.

Heather blows up a balloon.

Brendan blows up a balloon.

Bill blows up a balloon.

Heather and Rob inflate more balloons.

Heather and Eric work on more balloons.

Rubber Johnny helps out.

Brendan's desk fills with balloons as everyone works.

Heather helps move the balloons to the server room.

Rob is nearly lost to the balloons.

Balloons start to take over the server room.

Filling the Cube:

Before shot.

Before shot.

The desk, taped and ready for balloons.

After shot.

After shot.

After shot.

The team: Eric, Rob, Brendan, Heather, Rodney, David.