Rob's Foil Office Prank

Before leaving on vacation, Rob called us all into his office to ensure there would be no shenanigans while he was gone. Big mistake. Before we made it out of his office, Heather already had an idea, and couldn't wait to get everyone in on it. She wanted to tinfoil his office. Plenty of you might have seen this done before on the internet, but not to the level of painstaking and possibly even crazy detail that we went to. After Bill obtained a huge 500 ft roll of tinfoil from Sam's Club, we were on our way. Here's a photo pictorial of how it all happened.


Desk before shot.

File cabinet before shot.

Bookcase before shot.

Desk before shot, close-up.

In Progress

Eric checks out the progress on the desk so far.

Side table nearly done. Note the operational Nerf gun covered in tinfoil.

Eric works on some of the smaller items.

Rodney wraps the coffee mug.

David wraps items from the bookcase.

Eric continues on the desk items.

Heather needs more foil.

Heather wrapping items.

The team hard at work.

Eric insanely wraps cords.

Heather putting working bookcovers on the books.

Rodney works on the chairs.

Rodney continues painstaking work on the chairs.

Eric foils the cork board.

Eric stares at his handiwork.

Eric pushes buttons on Cortney's phone wrap job.

Cortney wraps items.

The bookcase almost done.

The desk almost done.

Heather and David discuss the progress.

Nearly finished side table full of items.

Nearly finished file cabinet.

Heather wraps folders and binders.

Cortney works on items at her desk.

Rodney almost done the chairs.


Even the disco ball is foil covered.

Cortney shows off parts of the coat tinfoiled.

Cortney wraps the tacks.

Cortney wraps desk items.

Rodney finishes up the chairs.

Cortney wraps the chair mat.

Cortney checks out the work.


Finished desk.

Finished file cabinet.

Finished side table.

Finished bookcase.

Rubber Johnny takes a seat. Notice the hat...

Desk item close-up.

Desk item close-up.

Finished desk cabinet.

Desk item close-up.

Desk item close-up.

Cortney displays Rubber Johnny's hat.

The team - Eric, Rodney, Heather, Rubber Johnny, Cortney, David, Bill, Brendan.

The Aftermath

Rob returned from his office, completely unaware of what was in store for him...

Rob listens to our recounting of the event.

Rob looks as different things are pointed out to him.

Rob tries out the working Nerf gun.

Onlookers start to hear what happened, and Mary and Gina come to check it out.

Amy and Betti check out the office.

Rob works in the Tin Foil Office.