These are assorted amusing graphics we've made over the years.

He's Only One Man

Eric put this together to represent how Rob is too busy to be able to help everyone.

Cup of...

Eric made this using a picture from Rob's blog.

Trained in the Art

Eric made this for Brendan in the style of the Microsoft 'Trained in the art of' ads.

It's Not the Network...

Rob made this one from a magazine ad and a MySpace pic of Brendan to serve as my standard response to claims that the network is to blame for various issues.

Rob's PKU Diploma

Eric created this diploma for Rob.

Grammar Police

This Grammar Police badge was made by Eric for Heather while she was proofreading. I am now in possession of the badge and the duty.

Rob's Never There for Us

An adaptation of a movie poster Eric made for Rob on a day when people were being particularly needy around him.

Workplace Logic

Eric created this lesson on workplace logic.

Final Notice

This fake collection notice was made on a day Cortney was having telecom billing issues. It actually looked better than the handwritten fax sent by the collection agency.

Rob Wanted Poster

Eric made this wanted poster about Rob after we started our Nerf gun escalation.


This sign was made by Eric after people commented that the lighting levels in the Help Desk office were like a cave.